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Skies of Fire: Books

Skies of Fire: Books

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An airship adventure story of loyalty and revenge.

The Aquilan empire is under threat by an enemy from the never-ending storm known as the Expanse. A Royal Guard captain, Helen Pierce, takes on the mission to hunt down the unknown vessel.

But, in order to bring the dread raider to justice, she needs to enlist the help of the right ship and seasoned crew.

Join this epic airship adventure set in its own unique world where airships rule the skies.

Each lovingly cloth-bound hardcover includes 4 issues of the epic series Skies of Fire. They also include all variant covers created for the series.

Published: 2023

Writers: Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou

Artists: Pablo Peppino, Bryan Valenza, Cristian Docolomansky, Alexandru Bucur, Josephe Vandel, et al.

8in x 11in, full colour, 30+ pages of sequential artwork and codex documents. Digital copy included.

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