We are Explorers

Mythworks was originally called Mythopoeia and was founded back in 2014 by Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou as an artistic body to craft original story adventures.

We are Myth-makers

Mythworks creates entire worlds for its stories and games. Each adventure delves into the histories of fictional worlds to create an immersive experience.

We are Mythworks

Mythworks is dedicated in sharing stories we all enjoy, with creators from all over the world! Join us on our adventures. All are welcome!


Roll of Honour

We thank all those who make our journey possible!

Pablo Peppino • Bryan Valenza • Nic J. Shaw • Alexandru Bucur • Zaak Saam • Vinsensius Suriantoso • Angela Wu • Ariel Colon • Catalin Lartist • Dimitris Martinos • Gabriela Bacila • Gregory Shipp • Guardabosques • Keith Burns • Minobu Sato • Pablo de Bonis • Paul Roman Martinez • Pawel Fotek • Rodolfo Reyes • Vandel Aristogan • Alexander Drinevski • Anny Maulina • Arief Russo • BenJamin P. Johnson • Carlos Martins • Niamh Doyle • Dianne Jamendron • Felicia Ann • Giuliana Frontoni • Hammond Liang • Jade Choung • Kendrick See • Mauro Bueno • Melissa Pagliuci • Simone Armini • Tiffany Le • Zie Fauzi • Ariel Rojas • Chris Ruston • Jessica Harie • Maung Thuta • Mikey Hamm • Felix Isaacs • Ellan Aldryc