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Dungeon Local 001

Dungeon Local 001

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The dragon is dead. The adventurers are gone. Time to organise.

Dungeon Local 001 is a reverse-dungeon crawling game for 1-6 players. Unlike other fantasy games where someone outside the dungeon comes in to kill monsters and get treasure, in Dungeon Local 001 you play those monsters exploring the dungeon and making it a safe and beautiful place to live. You play as dungeon denizens like ogres who built the dungeon, dwarves who make traps, or skeletons who cleaned up all the blood.

Each player creates their own character, defined by the job they performed under the old overlord. Players take turns generating random encounters like hallways full of traps, underground lakes full of beasts, or other denizens, and then drawing them to create a map. Characters will accumulate stress as they explore the dungeon, and your characters will occasionally take breaks to recover and reminisce about your life here.

At the end of the game you’ll have a dungeon full of unique encounters and characters that you can use in any other fantasy table-top role playing game.

Published: 2022

Written & Designed by: Michael Elliott

Art by: Daniel Salcido

14cm x 22cm, color, saddle-stitched

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