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The Love Balloon

The Love Balloon

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Come book your stay today and experience what it's like to float your troubles away!

The Love Balloon is a light role-playing story game for 2-6 players inspired by the wholesome, yet innuendo-laden, sitcoms of the late 70’s and early 80’s - shows like The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and Three’s Company. No other ship has sailed the winds more than the magnificent Cloud Nine. Welcome at any port, its guests - from Kings and Presidents, to Celebrities and Athletes, Dentists and even Stowaways - all have attested to the ship's magical voyages of the heart.

Played without a GM, players create guests on board the Love Balloon by establishing a backstory and motivation, and sometimes a pre-existing relationship! Players then follow a specific structure of play prompted by a Story Beat and informed by Karma to determine who succeeds or fails in the scene. The Love Balloon is strictly a PG-13 fantasy where a kiss is the ultimate expression of love. Stories told from The Love Balloon tend to be quirky, romantic, wholesome, uplifting, and silly. ​

What kind of zany hijinks will our characters get into? Will they confess their feelings and find romance? We play to find out!

21 Pages, Black and White, 6in x 6in. Digital copy included.

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Published: 2020

Writers: Ray Chou and Vincenzo Ferriero

Artists: Pablo Peppino and Alexandru Bucur

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