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Pro Patria Mori

Pro Patria Mori

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A Tabletop Roleplaying Game that depicts the horrors of the First World War.

Pro Patria Mori is a 2-4 player, mini-RPG that puts players in the shoes of soldiers on the Western Front in 1917. Using your Grit and Fear, embark on a challenging mission across no man's land and fulfill your goals that could end the First World War. Try to survive combat to make it back home, one way or another...

The game focuses on the physical and psychological horrors of World War One, challenging players with morally grey scenarios where death is an ever-present danger.

Accompanying the game are CC0 artworks created over 100 years ago by soldiers who experienced the war firsthand, offering a glimpse of the stories and experiences of that time.  All profits from physical issues sold are donated to veteran's funds in the US and GB. 

44 Pages, Full Color, 6in x 6in. Digital copy included.

Download a free Digital Copy of Pro Patria Mori in our FREE GAMES section! 

Published: 2021

Writers: Vincenzo Ferriero Ray Chou 

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