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Orbital is a sci-fi RPG of precarious spaces amid interstellar war. 

You'll find airlocks and control panels, pensive faces looking out into the cosmos, improvised fixes for critical systems, military-sponsored subterfuge, warm embraces in the cold vacuum, frantic struggles in zero-gravity and unknowable ancient technology, all asking what do you do next? 

In Orbital you start by creating your own space station with your friends, filling it with interesting and threatening it with impending dangers. You'll all create and own aspects of the setting, taking a shared ownership of your world and your story. 

You'll also create your own character, a specialist who can push back against the threats you're facing. 

Together, you'll explore your station, its people and their problems using the simple No Dice, No Masters system that puts the focus on character relationships, community struggles and player choice. Through play, you'll determine your community's fate as equal storytellers in your own unique story. 

Published: 2021

Writer: Jack Harrison

Artists: Torben Bökemeyer

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