Upcoming Con Schedule - Fall 2015

Upcoming Con Schedule - Fall 2015

We have a busy fall convention slate coming up, culminating in the mothership, New York Comic-Con 2015, which both Vince and Ray will be attending. Here's the full schedule of where we'll be:

United Kingdom / Ireland

August 29-30, 2015 - Ireland Comic-Con

A couple of weeks ago Vince attended MCM Dublin and had a blast. This is kind of a retroactive announcement, but here are some pictures from the con!

Vince signing some books for fans!


Vince and Geralt the Witcher!


Vince with a group of his fellow creators enjoying a pint!


United States

September 24th-26th 2015 - Salt Lake City Comic-Con

So that means next weekend Vince and Ray will be, for the first time, exhibiting simultaneously while at different conventions! Exciting times for Mythopoeia! If you happen to find yourself at one of these cons please come out and say hi! 
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