Skies of Fire is on Comixology

Skies of Fire #1 Now Available on Comixology

Good news everyone!

Skies of Fire #1 is now available on Comixology Submit!

Comixology is so far the number one digital platform for comics. Comixology Submit is their creator-owned platform which allows independents like ourselves to publish their works. 

In terms of the process, it did take quite a long time but I think it's understandable. I'm sure Comixology gets a LOT of submissions and it must be hard parsing through all that. Comixology also uses some proprietary technology which requires additional graphic work, which they don't charge creators for. 

Payment-wise, Comixology and the publisher split the payments 50/50 with the host platform (iOS, Google Play) taking a cut first. It seems like a great opportunity for new guys like ourselves.

Comixology Submit was one of our initial goals when we set out. It's a nice feeling to finally get there. We're excited to see how we do! 

- Ray
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