Ahoy Mythopoeians!

This year, Mythworks is making it one of our goals to increase our charitable efforts in order to uphold our values as members of a global community who believe in building a better future for all.

To embark on this new initiative, we participated in TTRPGTok’s Medicens Sans Frontiers Charity Drive for the month of January - #rollforcharity. Organized by tabletop influencer Run DMG, the charity began on Tik Tok as a means to aide and spread awareness of the humanitarian crisis currently unfolding in Palestine.

The initiative quickly spread to other platforms, encompassing the entire TTRPG spectrum, with creators asked to 1.) raise awareness by posting about the charity drive 2.) submitting in-kind donations that could be purchased as gifts by those wishing to donate 3.) run charity streams and/or donate any revenue from content for the month to the charity. In the spirit of competition, members of the charity drive were split up into two teams: Red and Green, each representing one of the colors of the Palestinian flag, and each challenged to one-up the other in total funds raised.

In total, near 100 creators participated in the charity drive, with over $26,000 raised. Mythworks is proud to have contributed over $1,000 to the drive with in-kind bundles of our comics and games and personal donations, coming out on top of the winning red team.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and especially to Ryan (RunDMG), a true community leader and amazing human being.

You can read more about Doctors Without Borders and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza here.

Dreaming of a better tomorrow,


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