Covid by Joav Aziz

A Year in Plague

Ahoy Mythopoeians! 

It has been a year since the plague descended. Over in the United States people are optimistic. The sun is shining. Vaccinations are rolling and the end of quarantine seems in sight. I wanted to write today's post with some lofty title - 'Lessons Learned from Quarantine' - but now in the moment it doesn't seem right. I guess more appropriate would be 'what did you think about during this crazy time and how have things changed?"

See, it's hard to quantify. Everything revolves around the Self, which is already limited in its understanding of the world - a  path down a branch of knowledge known as consciousness. I've been using dashes more recently.  Wonder why.

Are things getting better? Immediate short term problems are solvable. Long term, are we destined to fight forever? There's always an enemy. Always a rebellion. Our understanding of the world warps around conflict. It's baked into the stories we tell. Our very nature.

Violence is easy to understand. We learn about it in our legends and myths and yet do we dare wish for a world where violence is not possible, where the peace can hold just a little longer? 

We were born in the summer years, the slow afternoon of great wars and fragile peace, forged through horrors engineered by monsters.

How long does peace last? Guess we play to find out! 

- Ray  
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