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The Wildsea: Storm & Root

The Wildsea: Storm & Root

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From the hungry skies to the wilds below...

Storm & Root is the first expansion for The Wildsea roleplaying game with expanded shipbuilding rules for airships and submersibles, new character options, and dozens of new Hazards and Reaches. Over 300 pages of original new content for one of the most wildly imaginative roleplayin games in recent memory.

Journey to the depths below or sail the wild blue above, exploring the wonders and horrors of the waves and discovering new scavenges, factions, and mysteries. Careful though, for both the skies and depths hold inscrutable eyes and pressures both. For a wildsailor who chooses to sail, the riches are worth the risk.

300+ Pages of rules, art, and lore. Full Color, 8.5in x 10in. Digital Copy Included.

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