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The Wildsea: One-Armed Scissor Scenario

The Wildsea: One-Armed Scissor Scenario

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An opportunity for an enterprising crew...

A library ship, The One-Armed Scissor, is a month overdue for docking at the spit of Three Masks. It's probably nothing, the residents tell themselves. Ships are delayed all the time by the unknowns of the rustling waves. Except... there was that rootquake, a while back, that shifted the old established trade routes. And the reports from other sailors of marauders at large, and pinwolves on the rise. And a cache of recently delivered books, their leather bindings ruined and their words run rampant and whispering. Perhaps there's reason to worry. One-Armed Scissor is the official Wildsea starter scenario, giving guidance on how to run a session of the Wildsea for new Fireflies. The Enhanced Edition of One-Armed Scissor will include new written and art content not found in the free edition.

8.5 x 10 in, 32 pages, Saddle-Stitched. Digital Copy included.

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