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Monkey and Peach #1

Monkey and Peach #1

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Unlikely companions embark on a mythical adventure of identity, self-discovery, and friendship in this fantastical comic inspired by mythical Japan.

In the following years after defeating the evil Oni King, Momotarou creates the Onmyoudo to protect the world from supernatural threats. Centuries later the oni have faded from memory and into myth. Until one day, a mysterious boy with a horn washes upon the shore...

When fate brings the leader of the Onmyoudo to his doorstep, the boy must face the reality of what he is. Together they will go a journey to find their place in the world. Monkey and Peach is a coming of age adventure story filled with magic, monsters, demons, and gods.

Published: 2019

Writer: David Chun

Artist: Hammond Liang

40+ Pages of art and codex material, Full Color, 6.5in x 10in.

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