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Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals

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Mixed Signals is part Scott Pilgrim, part American Splendor, coming together to form a new kind of anthology.

Greg is a writer in his 20s, looking for romance and personal fulfilment in a world that is all too ready to stomp on his heart.

In Mixed Signals, Greg Parker Needham is joined by five talented artists on a comical journey through his favourite genres in search of love and creative inspiration.

Can he survive the trip against hell-beasts, communists, a zoo full of disgusting animals, and the music that always leaves him fumbling after the same woman? Or will he just get in his own way?

Published: 2016

Writer: Greg Needham

Artists: Rachel Anderson, Leonie O'Moore, Colin Bell, amEdeo, Natasha Alterici, Nic J. Shaw, Michelle Sciuto, et al.

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