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A single-player TTRPG about fate, survival, and a mysterious post-apocalypse.

We call them Haxen, those who make incursions into the Requiem, the world of the past. A place and time murdered by the sorcerous rich, those capricious and omnipotent divines who were so desperate to live they killed everything around them.

Haxen leave the safety of the communes to hunt the wastelands for salvage, and clues about what killed the world. Will you find answers? Will you defy your fate? Or will your corpse be another forgotten relic among the countless billions dead?

Published: 2023

Written & Designed by: Michael Elliott

Art by: Maciej Zagorski of the Forge Studios Scourge

Font by: Tugcu Design

14cm x 22cm, minimal color, saddle-stitched

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