Myra from Glow

Mythopoeia Monthly - February 2020

This upcoming Friday we​ release Glow #4, concluding "The Warlord" arch and the first part of the series. Join us as we learn the fate of Caszy, Koken, Kelbourne, and the denizens of Shoddai. 


For Kickstarter's Zine Quest 2, we created an RPG based off of the old 80's classic sitcom The Love Boat. We released it for free on the platform, but you can also grab a physical copy in the campaign right no!   Grab your copy today!


Skies of Fire #7

​Skies of Fire #7 is currently being colored by maestro Bryan Valenza and his team over at Beyond Colorlab. The penultimate installment will be released in early Spring. You don't want to miss it! 


Web Store: Skies #6, Glow #3
Our webstore has been updated with our latest releases, including Skies of Fire #6 and Glow #3. Check it out and fill out your backlog today
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