Mythopoeia is now Mythworks

Mythopoeia is now Mythworks

For the past eight years we've been known as Mythopoeia, after the J.R.R. Tolkien poem. We love the word as it encapsulates everything we aspire to do: to create worlds through mythology, meaning through words. 

Through our own original works like Skies of Fire and Glow and through our published works like The Wildsea and CBR+PNK, we’ve strived to create modern myths deep in lore, immersing our fans in wonder. 

As we’ve grown as a company of creators, we’ve realized and made more manifest the power of myth, of narrative, and the profound ability stories have to bring about change. 

With that in mind, we’ve decided to adopt a new name, one that reflects our beliefs, understanding, and purpose. 

From this day forward, Mythopoeia will be known as Mythworks. 

Because we create works of myths, and myth works: to create worlds, stories, and meaning that can shake the root of the world. 

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