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Crowdfunded Comics: Kickstarter Picks

Seeing as Issue #3 of Mythopoeia’s Glow went live on Kickstarter last week, it seems appropriate to showcase a variety of the other talent that resides and beams for you all the see. These are the Kickstarter projects that I think have legs and just need that little extra to get to the creative team on the path they should be on. Enjoy!



A short but to the point isolated horror story about the arrival of a great, sinister evil.


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​It’s a cabin the woods story where a young family drive out to the desolate location, only for the daughter to find a diary owned by the previous owner – revealing its dark secret. 

Rise of the Goatman is a short horror comic created by Joseph Oliveria from Afterlight Comics. The art is by Adrian Manuel Garcia and the cover art is penned to page by Francesco Iaquinta. It looks pretty cool, check it out.


A whimsical fantasy story about faerie who believes herself to be the last of her kind. 


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Alex hasn't seen another faerie in a very, very long time. She's not even sure there are anymore faeries! So she just lives her best life having fun in the forests of Willowmyst with her best friend forever Kai, a slightly mischievous but ever loyal chipmunk companion. All that changes when she spots Tavin, another faerie who wasn't supposed to be seen. Much to his chagrin, Alex needs to get to the bottom of this. 

​With Iwan Nazil on pencils and Lisa Moore as writer, inker and colourist - the project looks in safe hands creatively. The Kickstarter page contains many images of the comic itself and the artwork is delightful and the dialogue flows seamlessly from bubble to bubble.   


I do like a good Edwardian horror story, and this title immediately caught my eye. This one has only just started it's campaign, so be part of the first wave of backers for this one!


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After her father is killed in the line of duty, Kate and her mom are forced to find work. They soon find themselves hired by the Lady of Castle Carrickdain, to work in an old ruin rumoured to be haunted by a ghost with a backwards head.

Kyla Vanderklugt is the artist and Vera Greentea is the writer, and also of the forthcoming Grimoire Noir (coming July 23rd, 2019) and is best known for her dark fantasy stories, including an ongoing Victorianpunk series Recipes for the Dead, the completed dark fairy tale Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits, and her myth-drenched sibling saga The Idols of Solanşehir, an ongoing series elsewhere on Kickstarter. 


One from down under now, a story depicting the adventures of nun assassin throughout history.


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Issue one tells the story of our first Nun, a beautiful lady committed to Catholicism, in her own way. She's a simple person, she listens to God and obeys his commands, that, usually, involves murder, sex and demons. In the end the books made to be enjoyed. It's a book I enjoy making and one that I will keep expanding on, I've got great plans for this series so it'll be good to be at the ground floor to watch it grow.

The series creator, Travis Williamson, say's this about the future of the story;
 'There's gonna be demons, motorbikes, babies, God, deserts, buildings, cars, doors, windows, casinos, people, wind, the sky, roads, motels, shoes, clothing, crucifixes, lights, the moon, the sun, clouds, sex and nudity, among other things, its gonna be nice, so if you're into any of that, pledge, if not that's alright, buy it anyway, give it to an impressionable child or something, I don't mind.'


A coming of age, mystery story, lastly, about a young girl and her hover board.


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Hoverboard Forever is a story that follows Qari Jinks, a sixteen year old sophomore, who has been selected through the lottery to join Timeless and become a time travelling student. However, Qari is marred by her mother mysteriously vanishing when she was just a child. Her father, a police officer, wasn't much help. He threw himself into his work in order to cope, never finding out what really happened to his wife and Qari's mother.

This is the second series created by GNOSIS Entertainment, following their debut with the urban fantasy comic book series, Cornrows.
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