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Hey Folks! 

The news is grim all throughout the world. Every government has mobilized the full might of their resources to fight COVID19 which is already posing an existential threat to the comic industry. My own personal saga began with deciding to cancel Emerald City Comic Con which seems like ages (three weeks) ago. Now the full might of the comic industry has coalesced into a facebook group called "Planned C" to try and save the industry or at least reshape it in the wreckage that follows.

I know it's egocentric, but I can't help but feel that our little industry has been the canary in the coal mine. Things look like they're about to get a lot worse before they get better. Sorry for being grim, folks, but it's with a serene sense of surrealism that I write this as a recollection of the times. I feel like balancing between pretending or acting like things are normal when they so clearly very are not. 

Personally I've been thinking about humanity a lot and our inmutable natures. How we tend to face the same things and react in the same ways in rhythms familiar yet novel for the age. History seems like a strange comfort in times like these, but what else can we use to learn about the future if not the past? 

Anyway, it's taken days to get this out. Sign of the times! And of the very immutable nature of humans ;)

Okay then. 

That's the self diss that  better not miss diss 

cause it gone eat your, mistress.

[ // social distancing // \ ]

- Ray  
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