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2018 Plans & Announcements

Hey Folks! 

A lot is going on for Mythopoeia this month. We want to keep you updated so let's get to it!



Yesterday marks the launch of our second Kickstarter for Glow. For those who don't know, Glow is a coming of age story set in a world where magic caused the fall of civilization. If that sounds like your cup of tea, please check it out! 


The next thing on our agenda after the Glow #2 Kickstarter wraps is the trade paperback collection for Skies #1-4. This is a huge priority for us because we are just about out of stock of the floppies! 

So far we've had quite a few discussions as to what the final trade will look like. We know that we want to do a hardcover, but have oscillated between a clothbound and just a standard cover. We like the quality of a clothbound, but feel that if we went in that direction an abstract or symbolic cover concept would be best. That said, from a commercial consideration, it's important that this trade's immediately convey the concept of Skies of Fire to a potential new reader. 
Here's what we came up with:


We thought it was important to prominently feature our three main characters - Helen, William, and the Zephyr. We also wanted to convey a sense of adventure using the bright Skies of Fire color palette.  

The interior abstract by Josephe Vandel is also complete. Here's a close look:


The abstract marks key locations found throughout the first four issues separated by a sea of clouds. We're not sure what the final color will be, but whatever we choose will probably compliment the overall color palette of the trade. Here's the backside: 


What's left to complete before we're ready to launch a trade? The design, for one. It's been difficult for us to conceptualize this book from the moment we started working on it. Book design is not something any of us have done before, so it's been a slow learning process. 

Beyond that, Vandel is also designing a book plate. This is going to be an amazingly detailed piece to commemorate you, our longtime fans, for supporting us. Thank you for being part of the Mythopoeia family!


This year Vince and I want to focus our attention on creating more content. If all goes well we'd like to launch four crowdfunding campaigns in 2018: Glow #2, Skies TPBSkies #5, and Glow #3/4. The first three are definitely achievable and the fourth will require us to push hard. 

We also hear you loud and clear regarding a Patreon. We know that platform is an easier way for our most devoted fans to follow and support us. We've actually have had one somewhat built out for months, but like everything we do have erred on the side of "when it's ready" to launch. 

When is that? Next week. We wanted to offer something commemorative for its launch (which we have), as well as create a full video (which is almost done editing). 


As part of our goals this year, Vince and I are cutting back on our convention schedules. We think that the time we save traveling would be better used pushing production. Here's our planned North American appearances this year:

Emerald City Comic Con - March 1-4, 2018

Wonder Con Anaheim - March 23-25, 2018

San Diego Comic Con - July 19-22nd, 2018

New York Comic Con - October 4th-7th, 2018


The Kickstarter Comics community is alive and kicking in 2018! It's fantastic seeing all of the creators we've gotten to know the past couple of years bring their latest projects to life on the platform. Here's a look around at what's fresh, with some old friends and intriguing new projects:

Boston Metaphysical - The Scourge of the Mechanical Men 


Madeline Holly-Rosling is back with another installment of her steampunk hit Boston Metaphysical. Madeline is a longtime friend of ours. It's always a pleasure seeing her around the comic scene where she'll always have a cookie in hand to feed other (literally) starving artists who have been on their feet all day. She's an angel who hustles as hard as anyone we know. If supernatural steampunk is your thing, please check out Boston Metaphysical



Another friend of Mythopoeia, Miles Greb has been rocking the optimistic science fiction After the Gold Rush for a couple of years now. Miles is a huge advocate of rational thinking - he was actually the planner for last year's March for Science Seattle! Each issue of A:TG gets better than the last, and I'm sure the latest is no exception


This is a new project that looks extremely promising. A cyberpunk dystopia in shades of pink and blue, Killtopia follows "a rookie Wrecker called Shinji" and a "sentient mech called Crash" as they are "hunted like fugitives across the neon-soaked metropolis by Wreckers, android killers and Yakuza gangs in a violent battle royale to end them all!" Seems cool. Looks cool. I'm taking the plunge

So yeah, lots going on. Hope that gives you a better idea of what we've been working on and what we want to achieve this year. As they say, dare to be ambitious!

- Ray and Vince
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