5 TTRPGs for Rainy Days & Long Weekends

5 TTRPGs for Rainy Days & Long Weekends

Ahoy Mythopoeians! 

Regan here! 👋 For our American crowd, happy (almost) 4th of July. Enjoy your holiday with some fireworks, loved ones, and (of course) TTRPGs! 

Wondering what you could play this long weekend, or on a future rainy day?

Mythworks has you covered with my selection of 5 TTRPGs for a long weekend. Cozy up, get your dice out, and get ready for adventure. 

1. The Wildsea - Felix Isaacs 

Of course I had to put The Wildsea in here. If you aren’t familiar, The Wildsea is a classic adventure, an award-winning, post-fall fantasy tabletop roleplaying game set in a rampant ocean of verdant green.

You’ll play a wildsailor who is part of a motley crew consisting of humanity's weathered descendants, cactoid gunslingers, centipedal fungi, silk-clothed spiderfolk, and other, stranger things. 

Use your dice, your wits, make friendships, and go on an epic adventure into the unknown! There are also quick-start seeds in the back as well as a couple of pre-generated adventures. See what the trees have in store for you… 

There’s also some INCREDIBLE fan-made resources that I’m excited to highlight for you. Here’s an online character compendium for Fireflies (GMs), players, ships, and a database of the mechanics if you forget. Pretty cool!

Also, here's a fan-made virtual play surface. It has character sheets, resources, and the mechanics for easy access.

Check out the physical book here!
Digital rules for download here!

What You Need: d6 dice pool (or an online roller), safety tool checks
Number of Players: 2-6 (with 1 GM/Firefly, GMless option also available)
Length of Play: 2-4 hours per session
Type of Game: adventure, narrative, exploration

2. Void 1680 - Ken Lowery

Void 1680 is an award-winning solo playlisting game about hosting your own radio show and the people who are always listening… 

This is a great reflective game that I just picked up and I am in love with it! Music has so much power to emotionally impact you. I really like the collaborative way your story uses multimedia with songs, voice recording, and physical writing/journaling all used in the course of play.

Plus, it only needs one person: you! Very low-stakes and nice for a night of reflection, worldbuilding, and music.

Check out the Itch.io download page!

What You Need: deck of cards (or an online deck), voice recorder, a playlist builder/music app, 1d6
Number of Players: 1
Length of Play: 2 hours
Type of Game: solo, playlist builder, reflective

3. For the Queen – Alex Roberts

What would you sacrifice for your devotion to the crown? ​​For the Queen is a card-based collaborative storytelling game that invites you to tell a dramatic narrative about a Queen’s journey with you as her companions! What will you learn about her (and yourself) along the way? In the end, will you stand for or against her? It’s less focused on scene-based roleplay and uses round-table character building and collaborative narration.

The card basis of the game is super unique. I also love that your group sets the tone of your story: it can be whimsical and comedic or it can go deep into the complex web of deceit, politics, and court drama. The art on the cards is also gorgeous and your group selects one of many queens to love... or betray.

Check out the physical cards at Darrington Press! 
Check out the compatible online version at Roll20!

What You Need: physical deck or online deck at Roll20
Number of Players: 2-6, GMless
Length of Play: 30 mins – 2 hours
Type of Game: character-driven, self-directed, card-based

4. CBR+PNK: Augmented – Emanoel Melo

One. Last. Run. And then you quit… right? CBR+PNK is a Forged In The Dark style one-shot game. It’s a minimalist cyberpunk world about kicking ass, heisting, running from robo-cops and metallic bounty hunters, and surviving in the shadows of a gritty, ultraviolent world. 

You jump into the action of this game super quickly. If you haven’t played a Forged In The Dark game (a system inspired by the iconic Blades in the Dark) that’s all the more reason to give it a try in CBR+PNK! 

The booklet also comes with 5 different plug-in adventures for GMs to easily utilize with characters, stats, and info to pull from. 

Check out the booklet here!

What You Need: runner sheets, facilitator guide
Number of Players: 2-5, 1 facilitator/GM
Length of Play: 1 – 2 hours
Type of Game: gritty, action-packed, Forged In The Dark

5. Microscope: A Fractal Role-Playing Game of Epic Histories – Ben Robbins

Last but not least comes award-winning Microscope! A world-building game about civilizations, how they rise and fall, the people who inhabit a place, and how landscapes shift over time. 

You won't play the game in chronological order. You can defy the limits of time and space, jumping backward or forward to explore the parts of the history that interest you. Want to leap a thousand years into the future and see how an institution shaped society? Want to jump back to the childhood of the king you just saw assassinated and find out what made him such a hated ruler? That’s normal in Microscope.

You have vast power to create... and to destroy. What will you see rise and fall?
I love that this game is so open-ended. In my games, I've role-played specific scenes in the different eras of my location -- but you can also build the world and shape characters in a conversational manner too.

It’s an interesting game that lets you explore places, people, and time. I also appreciate that it’s pick-up-and-play, GMless, and no prep.

Check out the game on Itch.io!

What You Need: the rules, paper (index cards/post-its work best), pens
Number of Players: 2-4, GMless
Length of Play: 2 – 5 hours
Type of Game: worldbuilding, self-directed, timeline expansive

That’s all from me!

Have a happy holiday, and get out there and PLAY SOME GAMES! 🎆👾

(P.S. post your favorite rainy day TTRPGs in our Discord. Maybe I’ll make a part two!)

Happy Gaming!

xoxo, Regan 

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