The Numbers

The Numbers

Ahoy Mythopoeians! 

Today is March 1st 2024, which means that we now have the full picture of our metrics in the month of February. What an incredible month it was.

Over the course of the last four weeks, we managed to sell 942 copies of The Wildsea, making it by and large our best month that we've ever had in our webstore. This is an incredible milestone for us, one that we're still struggling to understand.

For a very long time, Mythworks was what is known as a single-channel business. As artists and creators, we've leveraged the power of crowdfunding on platforms like Kickstarter to fund our work, allowing us to grow into ourselves and creators by finding an audience - those interested in our story, our work, and our journeys.

E-Commerce represents an evolution of those principles. We have, for the past few years, realized that although crowdfunding will always be integral to our DNA, it was important that we diversify our channels for the future health and success of our business. 

Thanks to Quinns Quest, we've had our prayers answered tenfold. But now, as we try to understand the new normal of Mythworks, we're faced with the stark realization that with every period of growth comes new challenges that must be overcome. 

In addition to the increased volume of sales, we're currently coordinating the print and fulfillment of four separate projects, shepherding their matriculation through design, production, and distribution. We're also on the brink of launching a new comic: Sansha & Blanco - our first new comic series in over seven years. 

The work that we do has been years in the making. We are incredibly grateful to be able to see the fruits of that labor, but nonetheless at the present we can only see the hills and roadblocks ahead. 


Thank you all for joining us on this journey. We are grateful for every moment we are allowed to create. May our stories and worlds light up your own.

- Ray 

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