Sansha and Blanco - First Look

Sansha and Blanco - First Look

Hey Mythopoeians,

Hope your spring is off to a wonderful start! 

Here in sunny Arcadia, California the cherry blossoms are in bloom after a season of rain and the world looks renewed in bright blues and green. To celebrate this spring renewal, we wanted to give you an exclusive first look at our latest comic, Sansha & Blanco.


Sansha & Blanco is a canine tale about two siblings. 

Born strays, Sansha yearns for a freedom her brother Blanco cannot comprehend. 

I (Ray) started writing Sansha & Blanco started in 2017 as a short story examining the everyday mundane of my suburban Los Angeles life. 

In 2016, my dog Fatty got into an altercation with the neighbor’s dog, who got through a hole in the wall between our houses in the middle of the night..  

Afterwards, my neighbors put a fence to close the hole. Their two dogs, one black and one white, would bark and whine everytime I passed by, especially when walking Fatty. 

They were backyard dogs, never allowed to roam the world outside, forever confined to the overgrown yard that was their home. 

I wondered what their life was like, and what circumstances might’ve led them to where they were.

And thus, Sansha & Blanco was born! 

Dog's Day RPG! 

We're also excited to announce that we'll be packing in a copy of our one-page RPG Dog's Day for backers during the first 72 hours of the campaign. Designed by Vince, the game lets you play alongside the comic, exploring the world of Sansha & Blanco from the point of view of dogs of your own creation. 


We hope you join us on April 21st, 2024, as we go live with the project. This is our third comic series after Skies of Fire and Glow, and we’ve certainly taken the same time and care we have with our other comics this one. All four issues of the series are finished, and we hope to release them in rapid succession, one after another. 


Have a wonderful week, and please give your pets lots of scritches for us!!  

    - Ray and Vince

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