On Writing...

On Writing...

I'm back to writing regularly again. Feels like going back to the gym after a longtime out. My writing muscles are out of shape, but I'm hoping there's some muscle memory that will kick in and the rust will fall before too long. It's funny how the thing I love and define myself based off can be so difficult to do. Most of the year I've been in triage mode, juggling our behind the scenes, getting various projects launched, fulfilled, etc.

It's not an excuse. I need to not forget that I'm a creator first and foremost, and that my bread and butter is my words. 


The highlighted is my rough outline / stream of consciousness in an informal style which will hopefully help me break the story.


I found myself having a hard time with shot (panel) selection and scene direction, so instead I decided to focus on dialogue and 'breaking' the story by outlining / stream of consciousness writing what could and maybe would happen. I'm hoping that when I revisit the scene tomorrow I'll be ready to flesh it out fully into a more refined version.

This is my way of tricking myself into moving forward and not being stuck with analysis paralysis (otherwise known as writer's block). Just get some words out, even if it feels like vomit, even if nothing is quite usable in the form that it currently exists in. 

Writing is Rewriting. One of my mantras in life. Still, to rewrite you have to write. It's easy for me to get stuck on all of the other stuff going on, but I guess this here blog is a reminder of what's important. 

Write, Ray, Write! 

- Ray
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