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Creator Resources: Comic Writing!

I first knew I wanted to create comics back when I read Alan Moore’s Watchmen. It was my brothers copy and he lent it to me when I was about 12 or 13 and said, ‘Just read it. You’ll love it.’ He was right.

I’m sure you've had a similar moment when you realised that creating comics is something you should at least investigate further. What ever that moment was, I’ve got some resources here that’ll help that creative flame burn a little brighter.



Indie comic creator turned pro, Dirk Manning, has written a comprehensive guide on how to create a comic book from the very first idea to the back cover. He then goes onto give you the basics of marketing and self-publication, but there are better books on those subjects. If you’re looking for a starter manual on how to get your idea onto the page, this is the book for you.

My personal favourite part of the book is right at the back where Dirk gives quotes from every artist he has ever worked with asking them what qualities they look for in a good writer. If you are serious that want to create comics professionally, then a large part of your working life will involve collaborating with artists – this part of the book above all other is extremely important. Great book.

Very good resource




They’ve got the tools; they’ve got the talent.


They do exactly what it sounds like.


Although not a resource specifically dedicated to the medium of comic writing, it does contain that information and a whole lot more. Every aspect you could possibly think of and more are available through various opinion pieces, case studies and online guides is covered on this one website. Of course, they don’t go into huge detail on every point, but they give enough information for the beginner/lower-intermediate indie creator to get a lot of use out of it, as well as providing a fair bit of advise for marketing and copy-write legislation for those a bit more advanced.

I’d recommend their section on Management if you are a more advanced creator, we can all maximise efficiency in our process. 


Yep, we’re talking about that man again. Mr Moore wrote several articles for a British fanzine back in 1985, and this book is a collection of those fanzines and an afterword from the man himself.

If you want to create anything whether it's comic books or any kind of art this is an absolute necessity. It's very rare that a genius on the level of Alan Moore opens up about their creative process and provides genuinely practical and priceless advice on the theory and application of writing so when it happens grab it. This is like if Hitchcock wrote a book on camera work or Picasso wrote a how to guide on colour work.

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There’s nothing quite like creating comics. You have 100% freedom to conceive of whatever your imagination will allow you and bring it to life with all the skill your artist possesses. Hopefully you’ve found these resources useful and if you are an amateur comic writer, remember: one option is to write – the other is wrong.
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